Mimeographic History Merch

I have been in the process of uploading the Mimeographic History designs to the SplendorQueer Store. These designs are inspired by queer and trans art and activism history and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some special designs.

One of my all time favorite shirts is The Transexual Menace shirt, created by the activism group of the same name. The Transexual Menace was the first direct action group of its kind in the US and amongst other things would hold demonstrations outside of trials for anti-trans crimes. The shirt was designed by Ricki Wilchins and Montine Jordan to emulate the style of the Rocky Horror Picture Show logo. In her book TRANS/gressive Wilkins said “if you passed, you were safe. but putting on the t-shirt screwed that forever”.

This shirt was created with direct permission from the original creators.

Another shirt that I really love and thinks deserves more attention includes the Cooper Donut Riot shirt. In 1959 a group of queer and trans patrons were hanging out at Cooper Do-Nuts (a popular spot between two Los Angeles gay bars), when it was police came to harass and arrest patrons for wearing clothes that were not in line with their assigned gender. As the people were being put in police cars the crowd began to throw coffee, donuts, and garbage at the police sparking the first recorded queer uprising in the United States. This is an original design based on the Cooper Do-Nuts sign and we are happy to include it in our Mimeographic History line of designs. 

We will be posting more shirts from this collection as they get uploaded.

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