What’s Splendid?

  • Mimeographic History Merch

    Mimeographic History Merch

    I have been in the process of uploading the Mimeographic History designs to the SplendorQueer Store. These designs are inspired by queer and trans art and activism history and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some special designs. One of my all time favorite shirts is The Transexual Menace shirt, created by the… Read more

  • New Gym Fit

    New Gym Fit

    I hate it when men talk to me at the gym and I have to do the awkward “I’m a lesbian” thing to get them to stop talking to me. With that in mind I made the Lesbian Wrath inspired “hero top” which is great for wearing at the gym or going for a run… Read more

  • Getting ~weird with it~ in a new independent store

    Getting ~weird with it~ in a new independent store

    Howdy y’all!My art and designs have had a long history of being censored due to containing queer content or skirting the line on parody and intellectual property law SO I decided to finally launch my own store instead of selling it elsewhere. I am also combining with my audioZine Totally Trans to host and create… Read more